Jindriska and Jan Cambal - Yantras and Sculptures



the artistic collaboration of Jan and Jindriska Cambal has commenced 30 years ago during their stay on a North Sea island Sylt. The duo of artists became strongly drawn by an ancient diagram of Yantra originally found in tibetan and indian culture. Their interest brought them to the decision to revive the legacy of the diagram and to give it new vibrant forms and colours.

Over the following few years, this new flow of artistic collaboration and Jan's passion and talent for wooden sculptures brought another line of collaborative creation to life – simultaneously to their Yantra paintings they also started to create dreamlike and expressive wooden sculptures finished by oil paintings, technique of polychromy.

Works of Jindriska and Jan Cambal have since then become part of private collections in Europe, North America and Australia, and have been displayed as part of more than twenty exhibitions in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.


Shri-Yantra or the "Great Yantra" symbolically expresses the oder of the Universe. It is created through a mutual entwinding and a harmonical joining of a several building elements – Triangles pointing upwards (male ones), triangles pointing downwards (female) are positioned inside a circle. This circle is then surrounded by two rows of flames and the whole then being inset in the last element – a rectagonal diagram Bhupura. Thus is being created a relatively complex but very harmonious composition which was traditionally used for meditation and bringing of prosperity.

These Yantra paintings lighten up and harmonize inner spaces, subtly modulate and support positive mood of their surroundings.

Polychromed wooden sculptures

Jan hand-carves these sculptures meticulously to the smallest details out of linden, mahogany, gabon and other kinds of wood and Jindriska then gives them their oil-colour finish. The artists' most favourite themes are for thir symbolics angels, dreamlike landscapes, dreamlike beings, trees, faces and fish.